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Join the local Chihuahua meetup group and meet new people and their paw pals! Many of them are former Limbos!

Limbo Chihuahuas - Chihuahua Rescue

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About Landshark & Bubba's Rescue Roast

During one of their many conversations, Landshark and Bubba decided to do something to help their fellow animals. They asked Mom and Dad for advice, and founded Landshark and Bubba's Coffee. Together with their humans, and an award winning coffee roaster near Seattle, Landshark and Bubba are providing premium quality specialty coffee, and giving 30% to animal shelters and rescues across The United States!

And as a welcome to the family, they are donating 50% of every bag for the next two weeks.  That means, just for trying a this awesome coffee, you can save lives!

How does it work?  Our partners (rescues) promote Landshark and Bubba's Coffee through social media, their donors, board members, and volunteers. When the coffee is purchased online, simply use the dropdown menu under each blend to select the desired rescue. At the end of every month, they run a sub total, and fund each partner according to the numbers

Kelis enjoys her sip of coffee on Sunday mornings!