Available for Adoption

Unless otherwise stated, all adoptable dogs are micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, heart-worm negative, and up to date on shots and any other necessary healthcare.


Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 8lbs

Age: 11 y/o

Rescue: 04/15/15

Belle has been in Limbo for 3+ years! 
From her foster- 
Bell Lou as we call her...
Came to our home almost 3 years ago in October. She was so overweight she could not even get up one low stair. She was neglected and mistreated and kept in a garage for years..as a result she had untreated diabetes and almost no hair. The veterinarian actually thought she was a hairless Chihuahua!
It took awhile to get her weight down and although she is now a normal weight, she has diabetes because of the long term effect of being so overweight. She does require 3 units of insulin twice a day at her feeding. She tolerates this wonderfully. Of the last almost three years she had gotten almost all her hair back but is still a bit sparse on her head and abdomen.
She is absolutely a delightful dog. She loves to go for walks and chew squeeze toys, she loves to be with you on the couch and will snuggle under the covers with you. She is very smart and barks to go outside or if she can't get to her water or if her blanket is taken by another bedmate. 
Her insulin will cost about $70.00 every two months so that is a consideration. But she would make a great companion for an older person who is able to give injections.
She is about 11 years young. 
All her shots are up to date.
Please consider adopting her and give her a loving home.
As you can see in the pictures she gets along with most other dogs but she does tend to like to be the only one to get attention!


Breed: Chihuahua/ Dachshund/Min Pin (?)

Size: 12 lbs

Age: 2 years

Rescue: September 10, 2017

Rocky is our little fighter.  He was found on the streets of Miami shortly after Irma blew her way through the state.  From the start he has had an upbeat attitude.  After seeing many specialists it was determined that surgery would not be able to help our little boy.  

Rocky now receives regular laser treatment and has been fitted with a wheelchair.  He is very fast and can out run most people, we learned that recently!  


Breed: Chihuahua/Pomeranian

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 11 years

Rescue: July 27, 2018

This girl is so pretty! She likes to take naps and go for walks. She is house trained and will let you know if she has to go out. She isn't overly cuddly but does like to watch what is going on. She isn't fond of being picked up and if she isn't comfortable she may nip. She is tolerant of cats as long as they don't get in her face, she will ask them to back off. She is a delight tho and taking her for a walk is so pleasant. She is 11 y/o, was adopted at the age of 2 and was with the same gentleman until this year. 


Breed: Chihuahua mix

Size: 10-12 lbs

Age: 2-3 yo

Rescue: Sept. 1, 2018

Wawa was adopted and then lost.  After almost a year left in someone's back yard she made it back to her adopter.  Unfortunately he was unable to care for her...Wawa has finally made it to rescue where she will get the love she deserves!

Wawa needs to be in a home with at lease one other dog.  She has some separation anxiety that only another dog can help quell.


Breed: Pomeranian

Size: 26 lbs (obese)

Age: Adult

Rescue: Dec. 24, 2018

Peppy will need an extended decompression time. His agressive behavior needs to be addressed further. At this time he would need an experienced handler. He is about 2 y/o so may be able to overcome this issue.
. ....Peppy just arrived and is in need of a foster of fur-ever home that understands his needs. He needs some time to adjust to his current situation and can be a little nippy. He also needs to lose almost half his weight, he weighs 26 lbs. This boy needs some serious love!


Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 5 years

Rescue: January 25, 2018

Max is a very active and playful boy.  He adores his doggy friends.  We believe he was an outside dog so is having some adjustment time.    His current issue is, he will take over the couch and not let anyone on it.  He can become nippy if he doesn't get his way.  We know there is a good boy in there!


Criss Cross

Breed:  Chihuahua

Size: 5 lbs plus wheel chair

Age:  6 y/o

Rescue: Jan 2019

Criss Cross is certainly very cute. Our special needs boy is still looking for his forever. He even comes with his very own wheelchair. How special is that?


Breed: Chihuahua mix

Size: 8lbs

Age: 1 y/o

Rescue: Feb 10, 2019

This playful guy is looking for an active family or even a playmate.


Breed: Chihuahua/Rat Terrier

Size: 12 lbs

Age: 4 years

Rescue: April 12, 2019

Oh, our pretty Tulip.  She came to rescue with a litter of puppies.  She then hit the jackpot and was adopted into a wonderful home, with cats!  She loves cats.  Unfortunately, dad developed allergies and she had to come back to us.  She has been trying to find the perfect home, could that be you?  She loves to walk and snuggle.


Breed: Chihuahua mix

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 8 years

Rescue:  November 26, 2018

Fiona is such a sweet little girl.  She is very shy and will take patience while she adjusts to a new home.


Breed: Chihuahua

Size: small

Age: 11 years

Rescue:  March 16, 2019

Perry is looking for a home to spend his golden years.

Chloe Mae

Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund

Size: 10 LBS

Age: 8 years

Rescue:  March 29, 2019

Chloe Mae is such a sweet little girl.  She loves to walk through the yard a graze!  We think she might be part moooo.


Breed: Chihuahua/Dachshund

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 10 years

Rescue:  April 8, 2019

Look at this happy girl!  She may be 10 y/o but her smile says she is still a puppy!


Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 6lbs

Age: 6 y/o

Rescue: 01/27/19


We have a very special boy looking for a very special home.  This boy is such a sweetheart, to his people. Upon first meeting you, he will not like you. Give him time and he will be nuzzling you for affection. He is on seizure meds that are only about $10-$20 a month. He recently had a dental, and lost all but 11 of his teeth on the bottom. He's still on soft food but that may progress to something a little more solid. He has a favorite toy that he loves to shake and tease the other dogs with. He is currently being seen at Humane Society in Tampa. If he switches veterinarians, they will need to know that any procedures will probably have to be done with nitrous. He loves to walk but he has wobbly knees so being carried is just fine. He is crate trained, but may not need to be in one. He is also potty trained. 
His foster mom loves him very much and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you're willing to take on this sweet, 6lb, six-year-old, feisty boy, please message us or fill out an application.