Available for Adoption

Unless otherwise stated, all adoptable dogs are micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, heart-worm negative, and up to date on shots and any other necessary healthcare.

Tulip (Ally)

Breed: Chihuahua/Rat Terrier

Size: Small

Age: Young

Tulip is a tri-color deer head chihuahua/terrier mix who came to us at 7 months with puppies in tow- two days old. Tulip was a puppy raising puppies. Her mate was her brother resulting in one puppy being born weak and later passed the other four puppies survived and three have already been claimed. Tulip is a wonderful little girl. She takes a few minutes to warm up to you but is otherwise friendly, playful and energetic! She loves other dogs and cats! Tulip also loves to sit on your lap and give loving kisses! She would be good with a single person, couple or family. Kids over the age of 8 would be great! Ally needs an active environment!


Breed: Basset Hound/Terrier

Size: Small

Age: Young

Sully is a basset hound/terrier mix who is young, energetic, and playful! Sully is not good with other dogs or cats so he needs to be the only love bug in he house - he is worth it! Sully's best home should be with adults - he is active and would love to go on walks. He is people friendly and will make a great activity partner.


Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 7lbs

Age: Adult

Munchie is a cute little three-legged chihuahua. Munchie came out of a high kill shelter shortly before he would be euthanized. He was born with a crooked and short leg, similar to a hook. His leg may be removed. With or without the leg, he is a three legged little boy! 
More than that, Munchie is affectionate, a little shy, a great lap buddy and just awfully adorable! He walks nicely on a leash and is housebroken. 


Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 7lbs

Age: 3yrs

Jiggles came to us an unhappy and pained little girl! She was heart worm positive and had been hit on her pelvis (broken) and would not put weight on her leg. She was treated for her heartworm and was able to go through a pelvis surgery! Now our little lady is running and playing with other young dogs and acting her young age! Jiggles is only 2-4 years old. She is playful and snuggly, with lots of joyful energy - and she is using her leg and doing great! While she did not test negative for heartworm yet, it does take about 6-8 months to complete the treatment. 


Breed: Chihuahua/Maltese

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 10 years

Falcor is a bubbling, happy boy of ten years. He is named after the lucky dragon in the never ending story! Falcor certainly could be your lucky dragon! Falcor loves to snuggle and play. He enjoys a walk in the park or a warm lap . Either way, Falcor is happy! Falcor is housebroken and in great health. He does need a lower protein diet recommended by his vet! He currently is enjoying a whitefish medley. Falcor has been fully vaccinated and neutered.


Breed: Chihuahua/ Beagle

Size: 15 lbs

Age: Young

Buster is a young beagle/chi mix with a cute underbite and a playful, energetic attitude! Buster came from the county shelter. He has done very well with his foster parent and now walks on a leash and enjoys going out for fun activities. 
Buster would be best with adults and older children. He is young and active and would do best with a strong walking routine. 


Breed: Chihuahua/ Beagle

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 8 years

Rescue: May 1, 2015

Poor little Roscoe found his golden ticket when he found himself in rescue! He is very cute and playful but we do not recommend he be around young children.  He can be cute and very snuggly but we believe he had a very rough back ground.  He has been known to be grumpy if he doesn't get his way.  He will need someone who is patient and very understanding.  At his last check-up and dental he was HeartWorm negative and he lost a tooth.  :) 


Breed: Doxie/ Jack Russell (?)

Size: 18 lbs

Age: 4 years

Rescue: August 19, 2017

The only thing it seems Sweetie hasn't missed is a meal.  She has lost about 2 lbs since coming into rescue through healthy eating, regular walking and learning to play with her new foster sibs!


Breed: Chihuahua/ Dachshund/Min Pin (?)

Size: 12 lbs

Age: 2 years

Rescue: September 10, 2017

Rocky is our little fighter.  He was found on the streets of Miami shortly after Irma blew her way through the state.  From the start he has had an upbeat attitude.  After seeing many specialists it was determined that surgery would not be able to help our little boy.  

Rocky now receives regular laser treatment and has been fitted with a wheelchair.  He is very fast and can out run most people, we learned that recently!  


Chi Chi Rodriguez

Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 12 lbs (needs to lose a few)

Age: 8 years

Rescue: Oct. 4, 2017

This little guy is super chill, likes his puppy friends and loves long walks.  He needs work on his potty skills but has adapted to wearing a belly band nicely.  He does alert you when he has to go by walking to the door.  

He would do well in most homes that are willing to work with his potty training and finicky eating habits.  He really wants your pizza and will ignore his kibble to trick you into giving him human food....you must resist the chi!


Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 6 lbs

Age: 3 years

Rescue: Jan. 02, 2018

This long haired beauty needs a calm environment. He also needs a lot of patience. With all the recent changes in his life he has become nippy. If you are up for the challenge, please consider adopting out beautiful boy. He gets along with other dogs and cats.

Sonny & Cher

Breed: Chihuahua

Size: 10 lbs

Age: 8 years

Rescue: May 1, 2015

Sonny and Cher are a bonded pair of Chihuahuas who are 8 or 9 years old. They could be litter mates and have apparently been together most of their lives.

Sonny and Cher are basically healthy and easy dogs.  They get along well with the other small dogs in their foster home, but prefer the company of each other.  There are no bigger dogs or cats in their foster home. so, we are unsure how they would handle them.  They love being outside, like walks, riding in the car, and they rarely bark.

They recently had a dental cleaning. Both are overweight, especially Cher who has lost a pound in the past two months. They are on portion control and have daily exercise.

When Sonny and Cher first arrived at their foster home, they were shy and skittish, but have come out of their shells now.  They use pee pee pads, although they sometimes only get the corner of the pad.  They go outdoors and are learning to use a doggie door. 

Both have luxating patellas that do not cause problems, and Sonny has a grade 3 heart murmur that doesn't stop him. 

Sonny and Cher need to be adopted together and will make great companions for their new family.