We had an amazing response to Give Day Tampa Bay 2016!  Our goal was $2500 to help cover some of the cost of Padraig.  Poor boy came to us with pneumonia and liver issues.  Well we raised $1300 and we are extremely grateful for all your support!  Thank you fans!

Limbo Chihuahuas - Chihuahua Rescue is a network of foster homes. We do not have a shelter. All pups are fostered in private homes where they receive love, socialization, and training. This enables us to understand their behavior more clearly and help match them with the appropriate family. Our goal is that the adoption will be forever, happy and successful. Fostering is not an easy job and the people that do it, do it for many different reasons - above all they do it with love, compassion and understanding of the breed.
We focus on education our adopters and the community about spaying and neutering of animals, and why it is so critical for the healthy life of our pets, as well as to help reduce the number of animals that are euthanized daily. Our hope is to improve the lives of those little dogs, that through no fault of there own, find themselves without a home to call their own. We want our pups to be treated with kindness, love and respect.
Rescue is not about how many dogs have been rescued this year or about how much money the rescue has spent on vet bills, transport, etc... but it is extensive! Rescue must surely be about compassion.
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