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Join the local Chihuahua meetup group and meet new people and their paw pals! Many of them are former Limbos!

Limbo Chihuahuas - Chihuahua Rescue

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I wanted to start by thanking you for being a part of the Gulfport Get Rescued event on Saturday.  I am reaching out to you today because I know there were some people who met their best friend but were not able to adopt or bring them home because they currently rent or are in a deed restricted community that includes breed restrictions, weight limits or dictates the number of pets someone can have.  I adopted from a local rescue years ago and it was made possible because someone helped me purchase my own home and I was then able to adopt any pet I wanted with zero restrictions.  I am a licensed Loan Officer today partly because of that experience. I would love the opportunity to make adoption possible for other's by helping them purchase their own home.  Please call 727-320-7777 or email me ms.apiheiress@gmail.com




Allisyn Giles

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