Breed: Chihuahua/Corgi

Size: 15 lbs

Age: 4 years

Rescue: Feb 20, 2017

Gidget came to us very preggers and soon had a basket full of puppies. Then she took on an additional two orphaned puppies.  All her little gadgets have sincebeen adopted and she is ready to find her own home now. 


Momma Gidget had a basketfull of gadgets.  Those little gadgets are now on their way to new homes and Gidget needs a home of her own.  This girl we believe is a Corgi mix that weighs about 15lbs.  


Meet John!

ADOPTED! and he even has a new brother.

Meet George!

Adopted!  I think he's going to have fun.

Meet Paul!

Paul with his beautiful new family!  Congrats little guy, you are one lucky pup!

Meet Ringo!

Adopted!  We know his life is going to be amazing!

Meet Yoko!

Yoko-now Kona has been adopted!  Get ready little girl for some amazing adventures!
Our first visit to see the doc!  Mom and baby girl.
Four very pudgy boys seeing the doc for the first time!
The "good " news is that it isn't cancer...
Five adorable little bundles!