It's been two months now since Braveheart (aka Stumpy) limped into my life. In spite of losing a leg, he's literally twice the cat he used to be, going from an emaciated 7 pounds to a robust 14. Physically, he's made a complete recovery. He hops instead of runs, but has no trouble jumping on my bed at night and chasing his catnip toys. Emotionally, he continues to make daily progress, becoming gradually more affectionate, more adventurous, and more accepting of his new family. He's recently started going outside briefly in my fully-fenced back yard, where he loves napping in the shade, nibbling on grass, and chasing geckos. Inside, his favorite things are eating, being fed, and also snacks. Thank you all for your donating, sharing, and caring. Your continued support helps save more animals like Braveheart in the future. Thanks Limbo Chihuahuas - Chihuahua Rescue and Gulfport's Get Rescued!

Adopt-O-Mom Extraordinaire! (aka Susan)

Meet Braveheart!
This young fellow found himself in a very bad way.  Lucky for him, Gulfport pulled together and got him to us!  As you can see from the photos below he had suffered quite an ordeal.  Our friends at Gulfport Vet had to remove his battered leg and, he was full of all kinds of bugs(...yuck!) but they took care of those too.  Soon, he will be ready for his very first home.  
We are currently accepting applications for his fur-ever home.  Can YOU help a boy out?  

Photo: Debbie Wolfe

See the Gabber's story below and how you can help make this an even happier ending:

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Staff veterinarian, Dr. Taylor Ohman has been a St. Pete Vet since 2009 and is dedicated to the well-being of her patients.

Braveheart is doing so well.  He is healing and learning to walk on three legs.  It's quite amazing how well he is doing considering he was literally knocking on the door to see the rainbow bridge.  Our doc is amazed and amazing!

This sweet boy is about a year old and recovering nicely.  He has an amazing appetite and is becoming accustomed to all the loving attention.

Braveheart made it through surgery!  The removed his leg, and treated him for worms, coccidia and scabies...good grief!

Warning: Graphic photos
A plea went out for help!